Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition Is the First PS5 Game to Come on Two Discs


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May 6, 2019
How many bits and bytes does Aloy's latest, complete adventure need? More than usual, apparently, as the back of the case for Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition has made its way online, revealing a relatively big game that requires not one, but two discs, thanks to its 121 GB size (Ultra HD Blu-ray's highest capacity is 100 GB). @DoesItPlay1, which shared the photo this morning, noted that this would make Horizon Forbidden West the very first PS5 game to come on two discs following the console's launch in November 2020. Complementing this revelation is a new blog post from Guerrilla Games that discusses how the developer brought the game's characters to life with improved motion capture and other technologies, although nothing new was shared regarding the PC version that's set for release in early 2024.

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Oh huh, interesting. I'm also glad that they legit need a 2nd disc, cuz they ran outta space on the first disc while using the largest BD size. In the past, like on PS4, some games that came on multiple BDs did so unnecessarily, because they didn't use 100GB discs (if I recall correctly).
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