Horizon Zero Dawn Launching on PC in February, according to Russian Gaming Journalist


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May 6, 2019
Sony had recently hinted that it would be bringing PlayStation titles to the PC, but would they include the PS4's biggest exclusives? Anton Logvinov believes so. The long-time Russian gaming blogger claims that Horizon Zero Dawn will be released on the PC in February 2020 to increase interest in the upcoming sequel. Apparently, Sony has begun telling developers to keep PC ports in mind.

Now while this may sound cool, I don’t believe it’s happening. For starters, Horizon Zero Dawn is a first-party game for PS4. Yes, Death Stranding may be using the same engine, however it wasn’t a first-party title. Let’s also not forget that Kojima had initially announced that Death Stranding was coming on both PS4 and PC.
Would be incredible, if true. Love Sony's first party title quality, and the only reason that I occasionally dust off my PS4 (currently playing through God of War, which is stellar).

Not really seeing how this move would benefit Sony, unless they're trying to shore up a Game Pass-style service.
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Yeah I have trouble believing Sony would let one of their exclusive IPs show up on PC. Would be awesome though. I played through the game on a borrowed PS4 in 2017 and had a good time with it (70 hours to beat game plus another 5 wrapping up side missions). I've been lucky enough to play a decent amount of PS4 exclusives so far this gen, but one game I haven't gotten to try yet is God of War 4. I've seen it in action though, another great-looking console game.
Might bring in some more cash on older exclusives that don't sell much anymore. I realy liked HZD, played trough it twice, 2nd time was after the DLC came out to check that out.
Why wouldn't they? The fact that it's first party is irrelevant.
If Sony wants to compete financially they'll need to join the PC club at some point. There are multiple hundreds of thousands of people out there who would happily buy Sony's games on PC who will never buy a Playstation console. If they were smart they would start a "Gamespass" like program ala Microsoft. This way they would be creating a new, large and consistent revenue stream that doesn't rely solely on the sales of a single unit of hardware.
Sony has had a game pass program for a while now, and can stream to a PC for the past few years. Only thing they are missing is running natively on a PC.
I completely forgot about PlayStation Now.
Yeah when it was streaming only, it was hot garbage (as pretty much every streaming only platform is destined to be). It was how Sony tried to do "backwards compatibility"

They started allowing native PS4 downloads, and it's got much better since then. I think it has nearly always allowed you to stream from your local PS4 to your PC and that is just as good as Steam's Remote Play (in addition to internet streaming PS Now titles, which is just as sucky on PC as PS4)
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