How many fingers do you have left....?

My worst experience was having a screwdriver slip off the clip when installing a Socket A cooler and the hand holding it getting mauled on the nForce 2 board below. Red PCB on the motherboard made cleanup even worse. I learned to use a nut driver for those stupid clips afterwards. Since then I've cut myself on CPU cooler fins a few times thanks to ASUS's "wonderful" one sided dimm clips making me push down unevenly to put the RAM in.
I used all my old cases for target practice. That may be the fate of my Cosmos II and my HAF-X. They are taking up room and I'm not using them. I sure as **** won't ship them to anyone given their weight and size.
Back when I first got into modding I was cutting a window in an old steel beige box. I had the case sitting up on a table and bumped it and it started to fall. I turned around to catch it and of course grabbed it by the window I had just finished cutting into it. Cut three of my fingers to the bone.
Only time I really sliced myself open good was sleaving an Antec psu. I had the psu chassis open finishing off the sleeving with the open PC case next to me. Suddenly I felt my hand was wet and I had blood dripping down off my hand. I had blood in the psu and in the PC case! So much fun cleaning that up! I'm happy most psu's come pre sleeved now.
Some people hire other people to scar them and insert pigment into the fresh wounds.
With no additional pigment my clan scarring is not casually visible.
Each case has its own set of celebratory scar patterns on my hands.
with all the crowding due to the limited surface area available, the overlapping of the multitude of scar patterns creates new pseudopatterns that can be used for divining potential future case configurations, and their probable scarring potential.
Sod chicken entrails, fortelling The future through case scar configurations is the way to go.
I still have those AT cases.

that's awesome, I have a lot of old boards from back in the day but no cases, and AT cases seem to all but dropped off the face of the earth, there are some on ebay occasionally but they want stupid money... I am sure I'll run across some eventually
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