Images and links not showing


May 12, 2019
So on the main page I do not see any images for the news stories. Also all the links at the top for the forums and articles are not showing.
I also can't see the images in the articles. I was just looking at the new intel cpu review and no images loaded, but if I did a right click on what I think is an image I could open in a new tab and that would show the image.
If I hover my mouse in the general area I can see the link address show at the bottom of my browser, which I can click to go to that page.

I have cleared my cookies and cache, using chrome browser on a chrome book.
Any ideas what I can do to fix this?
Seems to be working correctly now.

Sorry about that. I was messing around with some page optimization that seemed to have... Undesirable side effects like killing the images. Trying to get to the bottom of the slow load times and high cpu use on the server side as I'd think our current web server should be able to do better than it is doing....
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