Intel’s Cloud-Gaming Controller Revealed in New Patent


The FPS Review
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May 6, 2019
What would a modern video game controller from Intel look like? Functional, but not very inspired, evidently. A new patent has revealed the exact design of the chip giant's latest gaming peripheral, which will most likely be paired with Tencent's up and coming game-streaming service, Start (Intel and Tencent had announced a cloud partnership just a year ago). It looks fairly reminiscent of OnLive's controller and ASTRO's C40 TR, both of which adopt parallel analog sticks, as popularized by PlayStation's DualShock.

Two smaller oval buttons are placed on the left and right of the touchpad, probably the 'select' and 'start' buttons. A connection for the microUSB cable is available at the top. A round button is also placed between the two analog sticks, where a logo will probably be placed. Below that are three more buttons, possibly for pausing and fast forwarding multimedia.
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