Intel Arc Alchemist Desktop GPU Pricing and Release Time Frames Leaked


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May 6, 2019
Details surrounding Intel's initial volley of Arc Alchemist desktop graphics cards have leaked.

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I'll keep an eye out, if I can't get a decently priced 6700XT I might go for one of these and use an intel GPU in my AMD CPU machine, who would have ever ttought of doing that until just a couple years ago.
Good to see these materializing.

Competition will only do the GPU market good.

Personally I have no use for these low end products, the slowest GPU in the house (at least the slowest one that is actually ever loaded up, and not just installed as basic graphics output) is the 2060 Super I bought my stepson a few years back. Nothing mentioned here is likely to be an upgrade.

That being said, the A380 could be a neat hardware video decode upgrade to one of the HTPC's, if they release a half height fanless or really really quiet version...
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