Intel Core i9-9900KS Has 127 W TDP, 34% Higher Than Base Model


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May 6, 2019
According to a BIOS update released by ASUS for its upcoming motherboards, Intel's i9-9900KS (which is capable of hitting 5 GHz on all cores) features a 127-watt TDP. That's a 33.68% increase from the standard "K" chip, which has a 95-watt TDP.

The revelation has enthusiasts wondering just how long the heavily binned chip can manage 5 GHz on all cores. Guru3D points out that the given TDP is in no way indicative of the maximum power used.

A 127W TDP rating is the highest we've seen for an Intel mainstream desktop processor for sure. It's even higher than the forthcoming 10-core Comet Lake-S chip that's rumored to feature a 125W TDP. In that case, we don't expect every Intel 300-series motherboard on the market to support the i9-9900KS.
I've seen some TDP Comparisons between Intel and AMD with AMD having a higher published TDP, yet Intel actually having the higher real world TDP. Because there is not a global standard for determining TDP.
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