Intel Enthusiast Gaming PC Build Guide: Summer 2020


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Apr 23, 2019

Building a new Gaming PC is probably one of the most exciting aspects of PC Gaming for enthusiasts as well as one of the most daunting at the same time. With a veritable plethora of options in almost every category users can spend literal days looking at reviews, specifications, compatibilities, and aesthetics before settling on a final build.  For some of us, that is heaven. For others, it is hell. Either way, it always seems like time is short (or we just lose track of it in the process).

So, today at The FPS Review, we are putting together an Enthusiast Gaming system as an idea of what is out there and what would make for a truly enjoyable gaming experience with time for you, the reader, to spare. So, welcome to our “Live” Intel Enthusiast Gaming PC Build Guide. This guide will be “Live” in that we will update it quarterly. What you see today you might not see in the Fall, or Winter, or Spring, or Summer! So, be sure to stop back each quarter as we will...

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I would have thought the 10600K was a better alternative to the 10900K, but those 4 cores missing do make a big difference afterall! Awesome read folks!
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