Intel Will Reportedly Release 10 nm Desktop Processors "Early Next Year"


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May 6, 2019
Intel's 10 nm desktop processors may not be as far off as we thought. According to Intel Canada Country Manager Denis Gaudreault, they'll arrive "early next year." Intel also claims that 7 nm and 5 nm are on schedule, with the former arriving in 2021.

“As I said this morning, we learned of the 10th-gen for mobile [processors], which is based on 10nm. So early next year, that’s where the desktop version of that will come.” Gaudreault didn’t provide specifics aside from confirming 10nm desktop parts.
Ok got it.. w clock speed regression or not?
Not sure I'll be wanting to upgrade then or not.
More paper launches from Intel. It is what they have been doing since Ryzen 1 was released.
This just means AMD is having a launch and release of new CPU's soon.
If you are using an Intel CPU from the last few years then you are already using this new CPU, for the most part.
Hmm so this following the rumor that Intel is skipping 10nm on the desktoip.

I think IKV1476 may be correct - basically paper launch just so they can say they did launch something, but by and large nothing substantial. I expect it will be like the Broadwell desktop launch: sure, it technically existed, but yeah, not a lot of 5000-series adoption out there.
With 7nM following so soon after I project less support for anything they do release.
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