Internet Explorer Is Retiring This Week


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May 6, 2019
Internet Explorer is finally being retired by Microsoft this week, 27 years after the classic browser initially appeared as part of a package add-on for the company's legendary Windows 95 operating system.

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Let's be honest. IE has been out of work outside of corporate networks for close to a decade. People use IE to download other browsers and that's the most action IE usually gets on a lot of computers.
I still have a crapton of older devices - things like IP cameras, DVRS, some routers, etc... that all have build-in web management tools that won't run on anything other than IE.

Yeah, most of it is decades old. And probably due for the crap heap. But I hate throwing out hardware that still would otherwise be perfectly servicable.

Not advocating for an extension in the life of IE - more for developers and manufacturers to use interoperable standards that depreciate gracefully. Same on me for not knowing better when I was younger and buying this junk.
Good riddance.

I've disliked it from the very start, hated it starting with IE6 and its many purpose written business apps that wouldn't function on any other browser, and in that entire time never really used it other than to download another browser on a new install.

I have tried Edge. While it is not my go-to browser, it is certainly a step up in many ways.

I still don't like how it tries to integrate itself and sync itself and insert itself everywhere though.

I still use Firefox (with heavily modified config files to make it more privacy conscious) but the truth is, Firefox is going in the wrong direction as well.

At this point there really aren't any good browsers left, and the way DRM is integrated into HTML5 pretty much ensures do one can release a new FOSS browser.

It's kind of sad, actually.
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