Is Star Citizen the new Dikatana or Duke Nukem Forever?


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Jun 24, 2019
I'm just curious as to peoples opinions on this.

To be up front.

1. yes I backed when LTI was a thing and got a connie package.
2. I hope the game comes out and blows everyone away... but to be complete it will need what was promised back then when I backed.
a. A private hostable PU.
b. A PU and Squadron 42 game.
c. In excess of 100 systems.
d. Ability to map wormholes and have them named (within reason) as you see fit and tied to your account.

In reality I think we might get a SQ42 game. I don't think the PU will ever be user hostable.
Its definitely the new Duke Nukem Forever. Will it be Daikatana bad? I don't think so. What's playable of Star Citizen is better than that already.
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