Linux XFCE Desktop Manager Gets A New Release


May 11, 2019
The tortoise or the hare? Who is faster?

After almost 4 and a half years the XFCE team has released an update to their very stable and small Linux desktop manager!

From 4.12 to 4.14! You would think a ton of fixes after all this time or additions or a completely new look and feel to this. BUT NO! They seem to have fixed a bunch of bugs and added a couple of nice things but nothing monumental. Or does it from your eyes?

“The window manager received a slew of updates and features, including support for VSync (using either Present or OpenGL as backend) to reduce or remove display flickering, HiDPI support, improved GLX support with NVIDIA proprietary/closed source drivers, support for XInput2, various compositor improvements and a new default theme.

panel got support for RandR’s primary monitor feature, improved window grouping in the tasklist plugin (better UX, visual group indicator etc), a per-panel “icon-size” setting, a new default clock format and clock format evaluator as well as an improved default panel layout.

desktop now has support for RandR’s primary monitor feature, an orientation option for icon arrangement, a “Next Background” context menu option to advance the wallpaper and it now syncs the user’s wallpaper selection to AccountsService.

A completely new settings dialog to
manage color profiles has been created. For most users this means out of the box support for color-managed printing (through cupsd) and scanning (through saned). For monitor profiles you will have to install an additional service like xiccd. “XFCE

Full List of Changes

Enjoy this nice surprise folks!
Good news. I've always liked XFCE. Small correction - it is not a "Linux" DM - it is an X DM, as it can be used on pretty much any system that works with X.
Huh. I haven't used XFCE in ages. I have completely switched over to LXDE for my lightweight desktop needs.

For everything else I use Cinnamon.
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