Looking for a good home office router/switch/wifi access point.


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Jun 24, 2019
I have a nice one now, but I'd really like a higher speed network switch for the home office but one that can still step all the way down to 10 or 100 mbit. Anyone have a preference on home routers/switches?
I've been using Netgear for the past 10 years now I think. First a WNDR3700 or something and now an R7000. They both worked well with a couple minor issues requiring a reboot here and there. A lot of people seem to recommend Ubiquiti routers (USG for ease of use) for a bit more stability/capabilities. For a switch I just use one of the 8 port Netgear ones and have a 5 port TP link in one of the rooms that has more than 1 device.
I use an 8 port Netgear switch that's pretty old but does it's job as I hook up multiple devices to it to save on the WiFi.
I've had decent luck with Netgear switches as well.

For router/AP, I've went full UBNT lately -- costs the same (or less) than high end consumer, but your getting commercial quality. The WiFI access points in particular are hard to beat.
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