Luminous Productions (Forspoken) Is Being Merged Into Square Enix


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May 6, 2019
Square Enix has revealed that Luminous Productions, the developer behind Forspoken, is being merged into the company. The announcement is being regarded by many as a strange development, being that the developer behind the new fantasy RPG is already a studio under Square Enix, having operated as one of the Final Fantasy publisher's chief subsidiaries. A press release that Square Enix posted to its corporate website today would suggest that Luminous Productions is still in good graces with the company, although critics of Forspoken are insisting that this is probably just PR spin, alluding to growing disfavor that was prompted by the polarizing and/or controversial reception of the game.

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Destructoid said "It should be noted that Luminous Productions actually occupies the same office building as Square Enix, and thus the merger arguably consists of little more than moving a couple of chairs and a photocopier upstairs."
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