Makeshift wifi antenna


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Jun 11, 2019
I took my 2400g box out of town with me and forgot the antenna for the wifi on the Gigabyte moboard.
It connects to the hotel wifi, but it's not as good of a connection as it should be. Playing POE it's noticable, moreso than crappy hotel wifi, which surprisingly isn't bad when Ookla'd on the work lappy.

Any thoughts on a McGuyver solution? Bread ties, put my tongue to them, stripped wire?

Asking for science before I have to run to a Best Buy or Walmart.
So.... I had a cat 5 cable in my bag. Used work lappy's wifi and shared connection.

Yeah. Sailor Jerry McGuyver in.....
So I went to the BB in Manhattan KS.... Dear lord and sweet bebe Heyzues..... WTF happened to that place? I haven't been in one in a few years and it was horrifying. Ugh. I need a shower like the one in Silkwood....

I found a USB adapter. All is well again.
Word to those that travel with "Lan" boxes, don't forget the antennae. Pack Ethernet cable, a small UPS, a small dog Cletus, some bourbon, two croutons, one welcome mat, and don't forget one unopened slice of "American" cheese.
any type of wire stuck in the antenna/coax hole and another one touching the outside connector. Just don't let those wires touch (don't remove all the insulation). Also I have used a paper clip jammed in the coax hole plenty of times as improvised TV antenna, should be better than nothing. But I don't know how big the center hole is on your wifi coax connector, you don't want to bore it out.
I didn't have any wire, or even a paperclip. The wifi is propietary to the itx Mobo, so I didn't want to experiment too much.

I'll keep the USB adapter in my bag from know on as a backup if needed in the future.
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