Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Features Ray Tracing on All Graphical Settings


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May 6, 2019
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 players will be able to enjoy the game with ray tracing regardless of what graphical setting they pick when the new sequel from Insomniac Games launches exclusively for PlayStation 5 consoles on October 20, 2023. Mike Fitzgerald, Director of Core Technology at Insomniac, revealed the news during a recent interview with IGN, telling the publication that Marvel's Spider-Man 2 features ray-traced effects even in the game's Performance mode, a mode that typically does away with demanding effects for higher and/or smoother frame rates. Insomniac's developers also explained how they have taken advantage of the PS5's SSD this time around not only for faster loading times, but also for faster traversal (three times as fast, according to Fitzgerald), as well as 3D audio support for higher levels of immersion.

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Reflections hurt my eyes.
Is there a way to turn it off ?
Reflections hurt my eyes.
Is there a way to turn it off ?
Turn off reflections completely? Not just ray-traced reflections but the classic screen-space reflections or even older cube-mapped reflections? I don't think you can completely disable reflections in the game entirely. Might have to mod the game or use a trainer or something, no idea. Maybe modify a config file or use a dev console command (the game probably doesn't have an accessible dev console though). But yeah I think the game is designed to always have some kind of reflections. I don't think there's a way to completely disable all reflections in the game entirely. Of course this is if the game was on PC, but it will currently be exclusive to PS5. You definitely can't mod games on consoles (unless the console has been hard-modded or soft-modded and you're running custom firmware on it, but I don't think anyone has hacked and modded a current-gen system like the PS5 yet).
I'll be honest I got the first game on sale, and played maybe twenty minutes of it then lost interest. May be this winter will bring me back to it at some point.
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