Massive Moon Metal Found After Years of Analysis


May 11, 2019
Who wants to mine moon metals for a living? Is this how Starcraft or Star Control started?

According to NASA after years of study a discovery of a LARGE quantity of metal has been found at the Moons south pole! Possibly from a large asteroid crash. The amount of metal they are saying is around 5 times the size of Hawaii.

"The dense mass—"whatever it is, wherever it came from"—is weighing the basin floor downward by more than half a mile, he said. Computer simulations of large asteroid impacts suggest that, under the right conditions, an iron-nickel core of an asteroid may be dispersed into the upper mantle (the layer between the Moon's crust and core) during an impact."

"We did the math and showed that a sufficiently dispersed core of the asteroid that made the impact could remain suspended in the Moon's mantle until the present day, rather than sinking to the Moon's core," James said.
" - NASA

The question now is who is going to get there first to start mining it with huge incentive like that?

Can you imagine the technology that will be created just trying to get it out of the ground, flown back to Earth, then into your lives? It boggles the mind the tech needed. This will also open up a ton of new jobs! Win win all around.
Probably mostly nickel and/or iron, so I'm not sure it would be worth the expense to get there and then haul it back.
You never know with the way technology is changing. If they find more and more deposits of whatever metals with the way our detection tech is now.....
It might seem impossible, but what happens once the moon is only a fraction of the mass it is now?
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