Microsoft Windows 11 Announcement Re-Cap and Opinions

So if you have a modern CPU, you should have fTPM anyway, just make sure to enable it in your BIOS, cause typically it is disabled or set to discrete TPM by default. All you have to do is set it to firmware TPM.
Man, the more I read about Win11, the more I think I'll just stick with Win10

I hate Teams, and it's "integration" just seems like a giant red flag. Side note: Why did MS dump Skype anyway?

Now it sounds like they are back to trying to enforce Edge over third party browsers. They are already sorta kinda doing this on Win10: you can set a default third party browser, but anything from MS that uses a web page will still use Edge regardless of your preference. Sounds like Win11 is going an extra step and making it more difficult to chose a third party default browser.

The hardware requirements -- yeah I have some older PCs still kicking around that wouldn't measure up. But honestly, not too concerned, other than it makes me wonder how I'll run this in a VM.

Really, there isn't anything in Win11 that compels me to want it, apart from the fact that the UI is new (don't know if that's better or worse at this point, just different). DirectStorage and a new open Microsoft Store aren't terribly exciting....
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I updated my insider program and got my Encryption stuff turned on on my motherboard and my computer is rebooting right now installing windows 11. This install is NOT swift. Even on an NVME drive.
So my install finished first login under way... it took a while... note sure I dig the new layout... everything is in the center of the screen...
layout fixed, system tray icons fixed.. dislike not having a setting for just show all icons. And the windows defender stuff was turned off by default. Turned that on and had to reboot again.

On reboot offered me a windows rollback option or to boot to windows 10, chose 10 and it booted to 11. I'm sure that will generate some tickets for them.
You piqued my interest, tossing it into a VM for now. At least I think, since you have to start by installing 10.
Yep I'm running on windows 11 now too. Really other than moving the start menu back to the left it's pretty much the same.
I upgraded my main gaming box. Works fine so far.
If that commercial doesn't get you throwing money at Microsoft, I don't know what will.
Did the in-place upgrade to Release Candidate over the weekend - apart from the start menu looking a bit different (which I never used on Win10 anyway) and the corners of the Windows being rounded, I'd be really hard pressed to tell you exactly what the difference is once I moved the Start back over to the left and undid some of the default crap on the taskbar. Really doesn't seem that much different than any of the dozen other times they've overhauled random settings and control panels in Win10 over it's lifespan.

Anyone figure out Widgets yet? It seems they are mostly useless, since they only seem to appear when you open the Widget window, rather than living on your desktop.
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