More OLED on the way

Mini-led should be nice until we get "real" micro-led. Seeing some promising stuff on the TV front, mainly from the chinese players (TCL, Hisense). All the pros of OLED without any of the cons? Sign me up.
I’m sold on OLED. I bought an LG 65” E6 a couple of years ago. Absolutely loved it so much, I got the following years C7. I’m thinking of getting one of the new ones with the 4K 120hz when they release the firmware. Been playing the Wicher 3 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Whilst I believe burnin can be an issue, I think it quite often gets blown out of proportion. And that’s after a year of gaming on the C7 with my PC with gaming sessions lasting several hours.

Apple's Pro Display XDR With Nano-Texture Can Only Be Cleaned With Special Apple-Provided Cloth


In other news, the Asus monitor I linked back on the previous page, PA32UCX has been shorted lived... at $4k it has only been released a couple of weeks ago, and its replacement, PA32UCG has already been announced. UCX suffers from color uniformity issues and its built in color correction is broken. ASUS is working hard on fixing it all with a driver update.... The UCG is targeted to compete with the Apple's XDR display directly... I just wonder, at what price, given the UCX is already priced at $4k.
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