MSI’s MEG X570 UNIFY Is a Motherboard for People Who Hate RGB


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May 6, 2019
Enthusiasts who despise RGB, rejoice: MSI has launched the MEG X570 UNIFY, a stealthy, blacked-out motherboard that eliminates all "redundant" LEDs for a cleaner, more professional look. Apparently, it's good enough to push AMD's Ryzen 9 3900X to 5857 MHz, a top record.

For overclocking, the MEG X570 UNIFY boasts an aggressive VRM design built with IR Digital PWM (12+2+1 power phases and dual 8-pin power connectors). Cooling features include an aluminum cover with extended heatsink and heat-pipe design for the power delivery circuits, and a Frozr heatsink and double ball bearing fan for the chipset.

MEG X570 UNIFY is our brand new premium product with modest and pure black design, emphasizing on the true value of the motherboard instead of fancy LED decoration. By eliminating all the redundant RGB LED from the motherboard and adopting the UV black printing, the heatsink shows the gleam and the shining reflection of the dragon to symbolize a mysterious and high quality image.
RGB lights would look awesome spinning around that black matte design!
Probably not. It's not RGB that makes those motherboards that expensive. X570 is expensive due to the PCB material used, the layer count, VRM design, and most importantly, the chipset cost. It's over twice what X470 cost from what I'm told. Unfortunately, I do not have exact figures. From what I understand, the chipset itself is actually more expensive than Z390 is. However, I haven't been able to confirm that.

RGB LED lights are cheap as hell. It does add a cost, but it's not as if it would make a $300 motherboard into a $700 one.
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