MSI MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon and Gaming Plus Motherboards Leaked


The FPS Review
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May 6, 2019
VideoCardz has leaked images of two of MSI’s upcoming X570 motherboards, the Gaming Pro Carbon and Gaming Plus. These are part of the company’s MPG series, MSI’s mid-tier product range designed for enthusiasts.

No specifications have been released yet, but the photos do reveal onboard fans and dual PCIe x16 slots on both.
Not a fan of the chipset fans. I suppose on that top one that could be for the M.2 drives. Either way, such fans are fragile and prone to failure.
I thought I heard that the M.2 drives kinda need to produce heat, or else they throttle when cooled. Saw that some heat-spreaders for M.2's do more harm than good for performance. I just don't remember exactly WHERE I read it.. Getting old sucks :(
That's pretty much the opposite of how things work. If they generate too much heat, they throttle to reduce the heat and save themselves. This leads to horrendous performance.
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