Naughty Dog Delays Steam Deck Verification for The Last of Us Part I: “We’re Prioritizing Fixes and Patches to Improve the PC Version First”


The FPS Review
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May 6, 2019
It may be a while before The Last of Us Part I is Deck Verified and awarded Valve's coveted green checkmark. In a new series of tweets, Naughty Dog explained that while it is in the process of ensuring that The Last of Us Part I meets the Steam Deck Compatibility program's requirements for the best experience on Valve's handheld PC, the developer currently has its hands full with releasing patches and fixes for The Last of Us Part I, which, apparently, is a disappointing port that needs a greater amount of attention than anticipated. Naughty Dog recently released a patch that purportedly improves memory, performance, and more in what should have been the definitive version of the game, and another is being rolled out today, with at least one more scheduled for Friday.

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