Netflix Wants to Combat Password Sharing with $2.99 “Sub Account” Plans


The FPS Review
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May 6, 2019
Are you an overly generous Netflix subscriber who has a habit of sharing your password to people outside of your household, such as a favorite uncle or long-distance girlfriend?

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We all knew this was coming. Guess my freeloaders will need go start paying their own bills.
How are they gonna know the difference?

Maybe I'm out of town and watching a movie from a Hotel while my family is watching from home - that's legit. And according to the plan I'm on now, I can watch on 4 separate screens at once, with nothing saying that they have to be in a close physical location - just "same household"
I'll just start using a VPN and randomly change my location between the areas my friends and families live.

At $11.99 or even $14.99 I'd be okay with this to a point but between charging $19.99 and putting out a bunch of crap of late I say ****'em.
Doesn't make sense to do this. They've raised prices, what does it matter if people share or not. The only reason I have a higher tier is to share.
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