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May 11, 2019
- This might just be a personal preference, but is there any way you could add page number to the top of the news post as well?


- Also, when clicking on the images within the news post, will there eventually be a gallery I can just thumb though instead of having to individually click on each image?
On the page numbers, I'm hitting up against a limitation in the Wordpress theme. On the front page, I've got zero ability to add page numbers (but could swap from that pagination arrow over to an infinite scroll), so that may not be realistic without doing custom development.

On the News category page, it does provide the page numbers at the bottom, but the same limitation applies with adding it to the top - it's probably the same line of code that I'd need to add to both once I figure it out. Of course, when I do figure it out, I'll try to add a page heading picker at the same time for the review articles...

For the gallery to thumb through, that's also not directly supported in the theme, but is a way that I would like to present the posts if possible, though, honestly, going that route will make it a lot more difficult to measure popularity of news content and therefore, making it difficult to adjust our content to what people are actually reading (also being able to show advertisers time spent on site, number of page loads, etc, will be invaluable for us as we get to that stage). I'll see what I can do though..
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