NVIDIA and Tencent Announce Partnership to Bring PC Gaming in the Cloud to China


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May 6, 2019
Green team is expanding its reach in the cloud gaming market. Tencent Games has tapped NVIDIA to power its upcoming cloud gaming service (START), which will let Chinese gamers enjoy "AAA games on underpowered devices anytime, anywhere" in a manner that's "consistent with playing locally on a gaming rig." The partnership could also result in "new applications for AI in games, game engine optimizations and new lighting techniques including ray tracing and light baking."

“As one of the leading global platforms for game development, publishing and operations, Tencent Games is set to deliver amazing cloud gaming,” said Jeff Fisher, senior vice president of Gaming at NVIDIA. “Combining the Tencent platform with NVIDIA’s GPU technology will provide a world-class experience for gamers everywhere.”
And makes it all the easier for Winnie the Pooh to control when the kids can play their games.

Seriously though, this may be the first streaming service to actually take off
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