Peerless Assassin is a pain in my A$$


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Aug 15, 2019
A few months ago I got a Peerless Assassin 120 SE for my next build.... which I then decided I didn't want to deal with right now. Time goes by....

Today I was playing around with the fan curves and Ryzen master.... my Hyper 212 Turbo (basically a 212 with push/pull) with everything turned up to max fan speeds was idling in the 40's (5700x on Asrock 470 mobo). Like.... well since I'm not upgrading any time soon, why not slap that bad boy in there, it has to be better, right? It's a 2 tower cooler, basically like 2 x Hyper 212's connected together.

Install not a big deal, removed the AM4 clamps, leave the backplate, screw in their mount, pop it on and screw it down. I will say that the fan clips are POS and I hate them.... super thin metal clips that refuse to stay in place while you're trying to mount them. The plastic ones on the 212 turbo are infinitely better.

Anyway I get everything back together and fire it up.... now seeing IDLE temps in the 60c+ range. I'm like, that's not right... I put a little load on it and it shot up to 90c super quick. Well, maybe I mounted it wrong (there is literally only one way to mount it) or used the wrong adapters (I used the AM4 bracket and spacers). Pull it apart... pretty good thermal paste smear so it's making good contact. I clean it all off anyway, put new paste on and carefully spread it around (I don't usually do this, I usually just 5 dot and smash the heatsink on). Put it all back together... verified the fans are blowing the right direction (they're not labeled).... and still in the 60's. I reset my cmos thinking maybe a hidden fan curve setting or something else. Nope.

Took it all apart, put the 212 Turbo back in with fresh paste. I am currently staring at 34c in Ryzen Master, with bumps into the 40's. Load is 50-60c.

WTF? This thing is getting massive reviews all over the internet. I basically wasted a day screwing with this, I should have left well enough alone....

Anyone else have experience with this thing?

Last..... what is up with Ryzen Master, Core Temp, HWinfo64 all showing different cpu temps? I decided to rely on Ryzen Master since it's AMD... right now I have all 3 up: Ryzen Master says cpu is 33c (it is bouncing around though, system is mostly idle), HWinfo says 36c, Core temp says 37 ??
I have one in the box, but it's bound for an Intel socket - maybe try one of DeepCool's?
Only thing I can think of is the plastic tab of shame?
It sounds like it's not making good contact/tight enough.

Correct to assume fans were oriented in a way they worked with each other?
It sounds like it's not making good contact/tight enough.

Correct to assume fans were oriented in a way they worked with each other?
Contact seems ok, when I take it apart there is pretty even paste spread.

The fans were blowing in the same direction, I took them off and manually verified as the fans were not marked. It is supposed to have the 2nd fan in the middle between the towers, I suppose I could try not doing that and moving it to the back but then there would be a giant gap between the towers.

I'm starting to wonder if it is my case's fan orientation. Assassin can only mount one way, with front to back airflow. My case (Antec P100) has 2 x 140mm front intake, 2 x 140mm top exhaust, and 1 x 120mm rear exhaust. So there is more exhaust airflow coming out the top than the back. The 212 Turbo also only mounts one way, but exhausts to the top. Oddly enough the 212 Turbo intake is right behind my 1080ti backplate so there is not a lot of air intake room.... and yet it seems to perform better.

I would have to bust out the dremel or make my own mounting brackets if I wanted to mount either of these any other direction. The older 212's like the + and Evo (have 1 of each in 2 diff systems) use a "floating" plate mount that can go either direction. The Turbo uses the AM4 cpu mounts instead of a custom backplate like the old ones.
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