Phil Spencer Takes “Full Responsibility” for Redfall’s Poor Release and Promises “a Better Job” with Starfield: “I’m Upset with Mysel...


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May 6, 2019
Redfall released this week to overwhelmingly negative reaction, and one person who isn't afraid to take the blame is the head of Xbox. Speaking on today's episode of the Kinda Funny Xcast, Phil Spencer addressed the criticism surrounding Arkane Austin's new vampire shooter, stating that he is going to take "full responsibility for launching a game that [needed] to be great" and how he's "upset with myself." Redfall has a 57 Metascore and 21.9 User Score on Metacritic at the time of this writing, and while it's unclear whether the game's reputation can be saved, Spencer does go on to suggest that Starfield will be a much better release, with the Xbox teams having done "a better job" on the space-faring RPG from Bethesda Game Studios.

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The launch was fine, it's the game that sucks. Not much Spencer can do about that without micromanaging developers.
Arcane should have made this single player story driven game with co-op. As it is now it's just boring.
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