Players Can Transfer Their Libraries to Steam Beginning Today


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May 6, 2019
Bethesda has updated its Steam migration article to confirm that players can begin transferring their libraries to Valve's platform starting today. All users have to do is log into their account, navigate to the appropriate page, and hit the big teal button to transfer their games, expansions/DLC, and virtual wallets over. The only items that will not be moved are local game saves and configurations.

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You know I don't think I ever purchased anything through bethesda's storefront.

Same. I never had an account there.

Almost everything I've bought since 2003 was through Steam, with a handful of exceptions I bought through GoG.

Everything that I bought in Steam that required me to create/sign into an account separate from Steam in that time was instantly refunded.

Because of this, I have no game accounts outside of Steam and GoG, and that is not going to change.

If I have to create an account anywhere else, I'm just not going to play the game, or if I feel the need to, I'll just "community demo" it until such time they come to their senses, and I will instantly buy it.
I only used the Bethesda launcher once, for the Quake Champions beta. Wasn't feeling the game at all, and the launcher was an absolute piece of trash. By far the worst launcher out of the entire bunch. I could not uninstall that sh1t fast enough. Felt like my PC had a disease.

I have friend who works for Bethesda (well he works for the parent company Zenimax), and I turned down cheap copies of Doom Eternal and Doom 64 from him because they were the versions for the Bethesda launcher. I also got a refund for a copy of Doom Eternal I bought on GMG because it was for the Bethesda launcher. Ended up getting the game on Steam as a gift. If that hadn't happened, I probably would have ended up with a community demo.
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