PlayStation Announces DualSense Edge, an Ultra-Customizable Wireless Controller for PS5


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May 6, 2019
PlayStation has unveiled its answer to Microsoft's Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

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Xbox Elite is real nice (I messed around with first-gen Elite controller a few times) but definitely not $150-$200 nice. Don't know what Sony is gonna charge for this, but DualSense controllers are already expensive as f*ck. Used to be able to find XB1 controllers, Wii U Pro controllers, and DualShock 4s for $40 brand-new. Then Switch came around with $70 Switch Pro controllers, and then PS5 with $70 DualSense. The prices are moving in the wrong direction. Of course the Xbox Elite controller and DualSense Edge aren't the standard controllers but special higher-end models, but when the prices of the standard controllers aren't great, you can't get too excited about the special ones.

While we're talking about controllers, I appreciate Microsoft continuing to let us use whatever batteries we wish.
Hey Sony, why don't you make a controller with a battery that lasts longer than 2 hours, eh? Oh noes... we need switchable thumb sticks.. :(
Hey Sony, why don't you make a controller with a battery that lasts longer than 2 hours, eh?
THIS. All 3 brands have sh1tty battery life, but the battery life of DualShock 3s and 4s is absolute @ss. I realize that Nintendo WaveBirds don't have rumble, but those things had 100-battery life from two AAs and I really miss that. Wiimotes, Wii U Pro controllers, Switch Pro Controllers, Switch Joy-cons (including the ones that look like NES controllers), Switch SNES Controllers, these all have waaay worse battery life (and I bet the Genesis and N64 controllers for Switch are the same way). What really pisses me off about modern Nintendo controllers though is that they lose a lot of their charge when they are sitting off and in storage. If you don't touch them for like two weeks you can pick them up and they'll be dead. I seem to recall X360 controller battery life being much better than XB1 controller battery life, but at least XBSX controller battery life isn't really any worse than XB1. Either way not great though. Then Sony comes in dead last. I heard DualSense isn't any better than DualShock 4.

So please, can we get some decent f*cking battery life outta controllers these days? Sheesh. I'd rather they focus on that than extra features.
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I heard DualSense isn't any better than DualShock 4.

It's a little worse. And the Dualshock 3 from my PS3 would go for like a week without charging. 360 gamepad would go about a week as well on 2 AA rechargeables.
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