Prey: New Predator Movie to Make History with Full Comanche Language Dub


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May 6, 2019
Hulu released the first full-length trailer for Prey today, offering an official look at the new Predator movie from 20th Century Studios that's headed exclusively to the Disney-owned streaming service this summer.

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If only I could stand dubs...

Now, if it were filmed in Comanche, I'd be all over it!

(and subbed in English...)
I mean, I' glad Comanche speakers get to feel included, but honestly, I've seen some dubbed films over the years, and I can without heistation say that in ever single case I'd rather watch the original language, even if I don't speak it.

Better to have subtitles than a dub, any dub. That way you retain the feel of the original dialogue.


Oh ****, my bad. This film is apparently set in a Comanche setting, so maybe the Comanche IS the original language track.

I thought this was something like that Navajo dubbed Star Wars I heard about a while back.
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