Qualcomm Stuns Intel, AMD, and Apple with New Snapdragon X Elite Benchmarks


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May 6, 2019
Qualcomm has unveiled its full stack of chips for the Snapdragon X platform, and with it comes several new benchmarks that show how the new processors will compare positively to its competitors, including Intel's Core Ultra processors and Apple's M3 chips, in areas ranging from battery life to CPU and GPU performance.

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All the benchmark slides are vs Intel - which has been pretty, pretty bad at the ultra mobile stuff.

They have one slide versus Apple M3, which is a Geekbench score - and I can't find an Apple M-anything with that score they publish, let alone any of the various M3 models (although there are M3, M2 and even an M1 model that beat the score Qualcomm publishes). I will admit the entry level M3 found in the iMac does have a lower multicore Geekbench than Qualcomm is claiming... that's also only the 8 core version, versus the Qualcomm 12 core variant.

So.... not gonna hold my breath. I'd like to see more competition too though.
Qualcomm chips are perfectly fine and they do a good job. No much more to say really, I think. Then again, im getting past epeen territory with age I guess.
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