R9 380 - 1440p 165Hz question


Jan 21, 2022
Finally I was able to get a monitor with accaptable level of bleed / IPS glow (msi g273qf) for a good price so ideally I would not like to get rid of it but Im stuck with 60/120Hz.

Ive tried everything:
- downloaded the oldest driver on AMD site because Ive heard that old cards like this are capped with newer drivers. This bricked my Windows, had to reinstall because even in safe mode I got blue death
- with newest driver, I set 8bit because I know it has only a 1.2 DP, and 10bit wont work above 120Hz, didnt help
- in display settings I have 2 options I mentioned above: 60Hz or 120Hz. If I go deeper into advanced display settings, properties, I see a bunch of options, and there is the 165Hz - for 1920x1080 resolution.
- in the monitor menu I toggled on and off every single options, nothing helped

I know there it is a custom resolution option in the driver, but that EULA I have to accept makes me worried, if this is the last thing that would 100% help, I might go for it but first I wanted to ask you. The card should have 1.2DP, 144Hz should be and option but I dont see it anywhere. Im using DP cable of course which came with the monitor.
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