Razer Introduces Basilisk V3 Pro Customizable Wireless Gaming Mouse and Mouse Dock Pro


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May 6, 2019
Razer has announced the Basilisk V3 Pro, a "next-gen customizable wireless gaming mouse built for performance and complete customizability."

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I know some people will love the unicorn puke of this... but 1. 200 dollars for a mouse and charging dock. and 2. Multiple RGB zones with underglow...

This mouse is not my demographic. I wonder who's demographic it is?

Plus with all of the corsair **** I have I'll probably get another corsair mouse when and if the time comes.
I wouldn't use this if I got it for free.

Wired and no-RGB for life.

I judge mice by how well they track, and keyboards by how good they are to type on.

As far as mice go, I want them nice, stable and heavy. None of this lightweight **** the kids are crazy about these days.
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