Recommend me a mousepad...

Was using a Logitech hard mouse pad and just recently went to a Corsair one and like both of them.
I used to have a RatPadz GS but I lost it long ago. I replaced it many years ago with a RatPadz XT and a fUnc Archtype 1030. Both are still in use to this day. I bought spare surfaces for the 1030 since that sh1t was discontinued long ago, but I'm still on the original one (it helps that I use both sides - the smooth side for gaming, the rough side for day-to-day PC stuff). I think the RatPadz XT has the best surface for optical sensor tracking out of any mousing surface I have personally used. I really wish they were still being made. There's a thread on [H] where people were showing off their old-school RatPadz with the earlier designs. Would be awesome to have some of those.
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