Report: Modern Warfare III Is This Year’s Call of Duty Game, with New Campaign, Zombies Mode, and More


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May 6, 2019
This year's Call of Duty game isn't simply an expansion to Modern Warfare II, but a fully fledged sequel titled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, according to Insider Gaming's sources. Modern Warfare III, which is reportedly in development at Sledgehammer Games, is said to feature a new campaign, multiplayer, and zombie mode, not to mention a new Warzone 2 map during its first season, and while there doesn't appear to any story details for the campaign yet, the zombie mode is expected to be a continuation of Outbreak that may or may not end up being free to play. Bloomberg reported last year that 2023's Call of Duty title would be a "premium" expansion of Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare II, but apparently, it's become something more ambitious.

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They just keep pumping these things out. Really haven't been that impressed with MW2 to be honest. Everything is geared to be more focused online which I'm just getting too old to bother with. I did play online though for a while and held my own in most matches, but offline bots is where I'd like to see an improvement.
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