RX Radeon 600: AMD Rebrands 500-Series Graphics Cards for the OEM Market


The FPS Review
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May 6, 2019
AMD has quietly introduced the Radeon 600 series on its website, but the new SKUs have drawn little to no fanfare. That's because they are merely rebadges of various 500-series cards destined for the OEM market, which regularly demands "new" hardware.

At the top are the Polaris-based (12/23) Radeon RX 640 and 630, which have the same exact specifications as the Radeon 550X and 540X (the memory interface in the RX 640 has been halved from 128-bit to 64-bit, however). The rest of the cards are GCN 3 “Topaz" and GCN 1 “Oland” parts.

Overall, this segment of the market is at the very tail end of AMD’s product stack. So low, in fact, that this is the segment where AMD doesn’t even produce new GPUs, as this is where higher-end integrated GPUs take over and the demand isn’t there for super small discrete GPUs.
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