Ryzen 3000 CPUs Will Perform the Same in B450, X470, and X570 Motherboards


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May 6, 2019
AMD has good news for prospective 3rd-gen Ryzen owners who have decided they don’t need PCIe 4.0 and will opt for older hardware. Marketing team member Donny Woligroski confirmed in a livestream that Zen 2-based chips will perform the same even in non-X570 motherboards.

“Just because the X570 exists,” says Woligroski, “and just because the X570 is the most advanced chipset you can get in 2019, that doesn’t mean that the B450 or X470 chipsets are no longer relevant.

“If someone’s searching for a platform, and doesn’t really need that enthusiast-class PCIe Gen4 storage, or you’re not planning to buy a PCIe Gen 4 graphics card in the next six months to a year, it makes a lot of sense to look at those lower-tier boards like the X470 and B450, which will offer the same performance on those 3rd Gen Ryzen processors as the X570 will.”

Marketers are usually hyping up their latest products, but Woligroski admitted that older boards were perfectly adequate. Ryzen’s engineers evidently outdid themselves with a very smart design.

“3rd Gen Ryzen is a very, very advanced chip, thanks to those incredible IPC increases Ryzen really doesn’t need more than those B450 or X470 platforms. And it will deliver that highest tier performance and very low power usage.”
Pretty interesting to hear them outright say that it's be the same performance
Pretty interesting to hear them outright say that it's be the same performance

Somewhat - ever since the memory controller was moved onto the processor die, the ability for the chipset to impact pure CPU/memory performance went away. We'll test it to confirm ourselves (and post the results).
Well then. I'm still x370. I'll have to buy something though. I'm sure they will phase out x470 boards.
If I get "bored" enough come this late summer with my current set up I may have to get one of the new AMD chips and a X570.
That will save a lot of people money. AMD does this for a lot of past processors too, not just ryzens.
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