Samsung Announces Bespoke Jet AI, an AI-Powered Cordless Stick Vacuum


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May 6, 2019
Samsung has announced that the Bespoke Jet AI will be available to pre-order starting on June 22, and those who pre-order before July 5 can get $150 off its full retail price of $999. Featuring a 250-watt and 280-watt model in two colors (Satin Black and Satin Greige), the Bespoke Jet AI is the world's first UL-verified AI-powered cordless stick vacuum, headlined by an AI-based cleaning feature that Samsung says provides an exceptionally intelligent cleaning experience. It features up to 100 minutes of runtime, the "longest single battery run time of any cordless stick vacuum."

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So, decent vacuum with AI gimmick, got it.
The vacuum works just as well as Samsung's customer support. They both suck.
OMG, because it is such a hassle to change the speed setting manually, I'll definitely buy a $1000 vacuum for that instead of a $200 one. /s
Based on their vague description I assume it sets the motor speed automatically based on the surface. (Probably against what I'd want)

You want to get advanced give it superior suction with a debris clearing and self cleaning function. Put in memory materials so it can regulate suction and flow of air. Include a lifetime warranty. Then maybe it would be worth that much.

If its self driving let it navigate stairs and level changes as well.
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