Sony Planning AI-Powered Voice Assistant for PlayStation, "PS Assist"


The FPS Review
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May 6, 2019
"Hey PlayStation, where's the nearest health pack?" A newly published patent has revealed that Sony is working on an AI-powered, in-game voice assistant for PlayStation called "PlayStation Assist." It's described as a "method for gaming assistance" that leverages deep learning to improve players' experiences.

An example of how this works comes from game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, who says players can find and mark health packs on maps simply by voicing the request. The patent also sugggests that PlayStation Assistant will have a companion mobile device that can track achievements and other statistics.

"For example, when a player gets stuck on a part of a gaming application, the player can request help through a query to a back-end game assist server," says the science bit of the patent application. "The query may be of any format, or a combination of formats, including audio, text, video, etc. The game assist server is configured to match the query to modelled responses based on a current game context from which the query was presented."
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