SSD CrystalDiskMark Benchmark sub-thread

At least they didn't have a pair of Teamgroup's 120mm SSD AIOs hooked up?
So, so, true. Man, the things I'm already blocking out of my head. I'd already forgotten about those. the DUO right? Yep, it's Gen4 for me, for a while to come.
Ran some speed test numbers on some enterprise NVME 4 SSD's direct to disk.

Note I ran 16Gib tests just because I wanted to remove the caching advantage the SSD Raid had in this config. 8 gig cache.


Now some of these may be because the software controller in the Dell BIOS is trash. For one... no Raid 5 support.

And looking at the results raid 10 across 6 disks isn't much faster than raid 0 across 2. Plenty of PCIE Lane's to go around.

Will be replacing this with a system with dual raid controllers to sperate out the SSD and the NVME into distinct hardware raid controllers.

SO this is what 20k gets you. ;)
Some notes... NVME Raid 1 by the OS as opposed to motherboard is MUCH faster... for the sequential, pretty in line for the random read and writes.
CORSAIR MP600 PRO NH | 8TB | PCIe Gen 4 x4* | TLC

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*It's tested in a X299 Gen 3.0 system, so sequential is bottlenecked due to that.
Lets not forget you're probably exceeding the consumer cache in the drive with a 4 gig test block. Most I know of cap out at 1 gig some 2 gig.
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