Star Citizen Launches “Fully Loaded” Alpha after Passing $600 Million in Funding


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May 6, 2019
Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) has announced that Star Citizen's Alpha 3.20: Fully Loaded update is now available, allowing players to experience a major overhaul of the long-gestating game's in-game Arena Commander module, as well as new content and feature sets in its open-world Persistent Universe (PU). According to funding stats that can be found on Roberts Space Industries, Star Citizen has raised over $600 million at the time of this writing, with backers now totaling over 4.8 million. Development of Star Citizen began in "late 2012," according to the Star Citizen Wiki, which notes that the game still has no release date.

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Man... Starfield has to be embarrassing to them. Sure it's not multiplayer... but it's a far shout more advanced than what they have done.

Please understand I am an embittered backer from 2013. I have like 3 ships with LTI. A base constellation, a mustang, and a aurora or something like that. I was all in for about a year.. then like... somewhat interested for a couple years. Now I just want the package I bought so I can say I had a part of this debacle. As it is I might have to put it in my freaking will.
Where is Squadron 42? You know, the original game they pitched, and then pivoted to this mmo nonsense after raking in 30+ million on kickstarter.
I honestly did wonder if Starfield would act as a kick in the @$$ for them and well, now we know.
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