Star Wars Jedi: Survivor NVIDIA DLSS 3 Frame Generation Demo Shows Massive FPS Gains


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May 6, 2019
PureDark, a YouTuber and modder, has released a gameplay video that teases how much better Star Wars Jedi: Survivor could run if EA and Respawn Entertainment ever decided to add NVIDIA DLSS 3 and Frame Generation to their new action-adventure game, which released last week on Friday, April 28. The beginning of the video demonstrates disappointing frame rates as low as 39 FP, but after Frame Generation is enabled, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor runs a ton better, with frame rates exceeding 100 FPS. PureDark said that he might release the mod soon, although users should be wary of problems that include "noticeable artifacts."

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So when you let the video card driver just 'create frames' it runs better. Amazing that. I mean it's cool a mod was able to enable the feature.
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