Starfield Players Are Building the Millennium Falcon, USS Enterprise, and More


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May 6, 2019
How good is Starfield's ship customization? Quite good, it seems, as more and more Starfield players are taking to social media to show off their ship creations, many of which are pretty accurate to their original counterparts. The Millennium Falcon, X-Wing, Ebon Hawk, NASA Space Shuttle, and Normandy SR-2 are just a few of the gems that can be found on the official Starfield subreddit, while over on X/TikTok, other recognizable craft, such as the Pelican from Halo and USS Enterprise from Star Trek, are being showcased. Starfield doesn't seem to support the creation of custom crew members yet, but this problem will presumably be solved by the game's quickly growing mod community.

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I'll agree to mellenium falcon. But the enterprise should be big enough to have the falcon dock in it.
I didn't fiddle around too much with the ship builder yet. I didn't want to ruin my only ship, since you can't build from scratch, only modify existing ships.
Pretty cool that it can be done but it'll have to wait until I'm feeling a bit bored since this kind of stuff usually takes a massive amount of time to complete.

I only just finished doing all my testing and configuring for all three rigs yesterday, started another new game around mid-morning, and I'm now committed to just playing and dealing with updates as they roll out. I just finished my meeting with Constellation yesterday afternoon.
I've tried it out properly now, it's actually quite versatile. But it does cost a lot of money, I think I paid around 60.000 credits on expanding and modifying the ship. But still much cheaper than buying one of the new ones.
The more I learned about Starfield the more I realized its the usual fare from Bethesda. Generally, that doesn't interest me. However, when I learned there was a ship builder, I got excited. I will probably get the game for that alone.
Less ship builder than ship modder/reconstructor. As a Monty Python fan I want to make a flying brick office building to raid other flying office buildings.
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