Statement Filed By Microsoft to Support Epic


Staff member
Aug 9, 2020
Thanks to a recent article over at IGN, Microsoft has filed a statement to support Epic's request to keep access to the Apple SDK for its Unreal Engine

Microsoft believes that Epic should have access to Apple's technology because it is "the right thing for gamer developers and gamer's."

Of course this is all stemming from Epic's Unreal Engine and Microsoft feels that it should be available to game developers.

Kevin Gammill, general manager of gaming developer experiences for Microsoft felt that the Unreal Engine is "critical technology for numerous game creators including Microsoft."

All of this just reminds me of how everyone is always trying to get someone in court in lawsuits and copyright infringements all the time.

I'm glad that good ole Microsoft is standing behind Epic in all this crap, but ****! Give it a break everyone.
I'd like to see how this turns out this week with the issue of the unreal engine, it feels like Epic didn't plan on this particular problem when they decided to start fighting with Apple.
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