Tesla Crowned Least Expensive Car Brand to Maintain


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May 6, 2019
Tesla, the first brand that typically comes to mind when it comes to EVs, represents the top choice for customers who are interested in owning a vehicle with a lower cost of maintenance, according to a new report online that explains how four of the five least expensive car brands to maintain are American.

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I have a hard time believing this, but I guess if you don't to a thing in your gas car, you get ripped at the dealer, so theres that. Since you CAN'T work on a Tesla only comparison would be paid for service vs paid for service. Which sure, whatever. Gas cars if you maintain them are peanuts for many years, let alone first 5.
No surprises there.

EV's have fewer moving parts, so there is less to maintain. And unlike other big brands Tesla's entire lineup is electric, so their maintenance average will be lower than other brands.

But yeah, as others have pointed out, this only counts up until a certain point. If you deplete the battery pack to the point where it is no longer functionally useful, that is going to be one very pricy service.

Of course these metrics rarely measure what happens after the warranty period. They only care about first owner, for something like first 50k miles or 4 years of ownership on a new car. And because of that it is a mostly irrelevant metric for many people.
Just ask Hertz how much they love their EV fleet they are trying to sell off before the batteries are done.
I'd bet the novelty and abuse that rentable Teslas at Hertz almost certainly were subject to didn't do them any favors. Not like you're renting the latest Chevy bolt-bucket.

For users that are fine with the limited range I don't think they're a bad deal. And if you're paying that much you're probably fine treating the car note like a lease and trading in at the end.

I would certainly like to see how longer ownership is going tho. I've heard of Prii going well over a decade on the factory cell. Reduced range undoubtedly, but if everything else holds up, that's probably not that big of a deal?
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