Texas Is the Latest State to Ban Red Light Cameras


The FPS Review
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May 6, 2019
No more surprise tickets in Texas. House Bill 1631, which outlaws red light cameras in the Lone Star State, has passed by a vote of 23-8. The legislation still has to be signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott, but he’s expected to do so shortly.

While a number of cities such as Dallas, Irving, Garland, and Plano thought they were a great idea and made drivers safer, they’ll have no choice now but to pull their photographic traffic camera systems down. According to Dallas News, Dallas made “$5.8 million from their $75-a-pop fines in 2018.”

A handful of Democrats expressed concerns that outlawing the cameras would worsen public safety. Supporters point to two studies that say deadly "angle" or T-bone crashes decrease when red light cameras are in place. But these same studies contain caveats that the presence of red light cameras could result in more rear-end collisions.
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