The Register Interviews Raspberry Pi’s Head Guy


May 11, 2019
Who doesn’t like insight into a cool company like Raspberry Pi?

For those of you that do not know what a Raspberry Pi is they make very tiny full computers for everyday users to tinker with.

The Register has conducted an inverview with the head guy, Eban Upton, about his company. Very interesting read.

He is saying that the latest Raspberry Pi 4 model with its heat issues and how they hope to fix it with a firmware update. This is due to the new USB-C port on them.

“With the extra horsepower and memory, the Pi 4 also represents an intriguing option for those considering a desktop replacement. With Windows 10 IoT running on the previous generation (a number of Azure kits can be found in the Pi store) we asked if the Pi 4 might see some Microsoft love?
“We have nothing to share”, said Upton, before sighing that it was “a shame.” Some
enterprising souls have managed to get as far as running Windows 10 on Arm via KVM and Qemu. Our Pi 4 was having none of it, heatsink or not.
Of course, back when the original Pi launched, Upton said the questions were: “Can you run Office? Can you run Internet Explorer?” Now, the question (which will be music to Linux fans’ ears) is “Can you run Chromium?” as the Microsoft requirement dwindles.
And support from the likes of SUSE, which was given Pi 4s ahead of time, has done the platform no harm.”
Eban Upton

All in all a very interesting read about the sub PC realm.

These devices are a lot of fun to tinker with if you have the spare cash.

Do you have one of these devices? If so let use know in the discussion what you think of them.

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