The Xbox Series X May Look Like a PC Tower, But It's One That You Can Lay Flat


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May 6, 2019
In an interview with GameSpot, Xbox boss Phil Spencer answered one of the Xbox Series X's biggest mysteries: do you have to tolerate a PC-tower-ish thing living in your entertainment system, or can you change its position so that it better resembles a traditional console? Spencer was happy to share that gamers can indeed lay the Series X flat: the system's orientation wasn't something that the Xbox team wanted to dictate. It was designed to "fade into the background."

"The first thing I wanted to say is the [Xbox Series X's] design works vertical or horizontal, just like the Xbox One S and Xbox One X," he said. "We think that it's not our job to dictate the orientation of our console in your home. That is up to you."
Yeah cuz I was wondering how the **** people were gonna throw this thing in their entertainment centers. Makes sense that Microsoft thought about having this thing lay flat too.

I don't think I've ever run a console in vertical orientation, aside from my X360 briefly back in the days before I even had an HDTV. There was no room in my old entertainment center for the thing to lie horizontally, so I found a place to stick it where it could be vertical. That didn't last too long though. Got a new entertainment center about a year later, and I had ample room to lay it flat. Standing systems vertically kinda makes me nervous, unless there is no way it can fall to either side due to walls or other **** blocking it from falling. I'm a clumsy person and accidents happen. Wouldn't want to knock over a system, especially not systems with internal HDDs, or when discs are loaded in the optical drives.

Still think original fat PS2 is the best-looking system in vertical orientation.
I have a seldom used PS3 that I use in vertical orientation. At least MS gives you the option on the new Xbox. As Drezkill mentioned there would be a lot of people upset about how it would fit in there entertainment centers.
I see laying it flat may still prove to be too tall for certain entertainment centers. I am really surprise Microsoft didn't just increase the volume of the Xbox One case from 4.3 liters to 7.9 liters to accommodate the better cooling solution while keeping a slimmer profile for entertainment system. The SFF case maker seems to have to that figure it out with the Sentry or Sliger - Console cases.
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