Thermaltake Launches the TOUGHAIR 710 Black CPU Cooler Featuring a Dual-Tower Design with Two 140 mm Fans


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May 28, 2019
PC builders looking to avoid RGB or liquid cooling have another option as Thermaltake launches the TOUGHAIR 710 Black CPU cooler. This beefy-looking CPU cooler features a dual tower design that is paired with 2x 140mm fans which can provide up to 81.96 CFM airflow that provides a static pressure of 1.81 mm-H2O while keeping things relatively quiet at 23.9 dB-A. The heatsink has a copper base which is coated with an anti-corrosive nickel plating and has seven copper heat pipes. The fan position can also be adjusted to accommodate various different types of memory modules as well.

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If I was back into air cooling I would consider a cooler like this though I hate to have the fans being uneven due to the memory height. I guess my OCD would kick in then.
Uh, you can raise the middle fan to match the fan above the DIMM slots guys.
Yeah, but then you've got multiple fans offset of the towers. I had to do something like this with a push/pull setup on my old 4930K w/ a hyper212.

It worked but just looked odd.
My builds have rarely been that clean and despite my own lofty dreams with how they start they inevitably end up being performance-focused by the time I'm done so they usually end up looking like a bit of a mess (but have improved a lot with the ones currently in my signature). However, @Niner51 has posted some truly impressively clean, and powerful builds so I really get it when it comes to keeping things tidy.
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