TRUE Copper is back in the game!


Nov 5, 2021
Been out of the desktop game for a LONG time(last desktop had two 660ti in SLI to give you an idea) but I am back and building a new one right now.
It's not quite done yet but I am bringing back the TRUE Copper I bought 10 years ago lol! Had to trim the back plate to even make it work now.20220415_195234.jpg20220415_161112.jpg
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And here is the finished product: AMD 5950x, Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme Copper /w 2x TL-B12W, EVGA 3080ti FTW3 Ultra(deshrouded), G.Skill Neo DDR4 4000mhz 18-22-22-42, Crucial P5 Plus 2tb, 2x 5tb spinning disk, Coolermaster V850 SFX, 4x140mm Thermaltake Quad Ring

Nice setup. What kind of PPD does it get running MLC@Home?
Not sure as I didn't have enough thermal paste to really run it hard. Ordered more but won't have it till Monday. Really only powered it on to install Windows 10 and make sure everything worked.

I did end up making a custom light pattern for the fans though:
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